Dispute resolution and litigation focusing on the optimization of our clients’ businesses and reduction of litigation costs.


We advise clients in controversial matters involving business contracts, tort liability, corporate disputes, debt and asset recovery, real estate law.


Representation of clients in alternate dispute resolution methods for amicable solution of potential disputes, seeking to reduce contingencies.


Mapping and monitoring of case law and precedents that guide the internal procedures and businesses of clients.


Mediation in settlements and presentation of alternative strategies to settle disputes, with a view to client satisfaction and finding the most suitable outcome according to client’s interests, and thus avoiding litigation.


Analysis of business practices in order to identify points that may be challenged and thus generate liability by offering alternatives to resolve the matter or to repair any resulting damages.


Representation of clients’ interests before all courts or non-judicial authorities within the Brazilian territory.


Establishment of strategies for the resolution of disputes that are highly complex or have an impact on the company’s daily routine.


Representation of clients at all stages that comprise litigation in court and arbitration proceedings (both domestic and international).


Drafting consultations and legal opinions.